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The Acute pain of failure is better than the dull ache of regret

When you always choose the tough paths, like The Seven Summits, and The Empty Quarter, and when you believe only the difficult paths lead to lasting reward. Then they call you an Adventurer.

The title Adventurer has been pursuing Jamie Clarke his whole life. And a whole life it has been. A childhood spent in the backcountry of the Rocky Mountains forged a desire to explore that would eventually lead to scaling the roof of the world four times. Twice he reached the top; twice he was forced to turn back. In those attempts, success and failure were never far apart. But, in Jamie’s mind, it’s far better to feel the acute pain of failure than the dull ache of regret.

He has faced death, many times. So he has become something of a connoisseur of the degrees of fear that humans experience when confronted with the wild unknown. His surprising discovery is this - not knowing is what makes life an adventure, and on the other side of that fear is freedom.

His fascinating journeys, complete with challenges and triumphs have been captured by Clarke as the co-producer of two documentary films, including Above All Else which was broadcast internationally by National Geographic, and in two best-selling books; Above All Else: The Everest Dream and From Everest to Arabia: The Making of an Adventuresome life

Today, Jamie resides at the foot of the Rockies with his wife, two kids and two dogs in Calgary, Canada and has moved on to plan new expeditions and face new challenges in the worlds of business and technology.