Meet Jamie

Meet a storyteller who has been to the edge in climbing, exploration and business.

Stories from the edge of human experience

Jamie stood on the top of Everest twice — in 1997 and 2010. But failed the first two times. He’s crossed the barren Empty Quarter by camel, learning to trust ancient cultures for survival. He launched and ran a bricks & mortar retail operation for 14 years and was  founder and CEO of an e-commerce start-up. And he’s been a sought-after speaker and facilitator for more than 25 years.

Jamie Clarke brings a treasure trove of stories back from the edge of an adventurous life: stories of triumph and  heartache, kindness and defeat. When you hear Jamie speak, you’ll get goosebumps. But you’ll also get sore sides from laughter and share tears of compassion.


Storytellers don’t get any closer to the edge of human experience.

Jamie’s upbeat perspectives from the roof of the world to the peaks of business success have made him a favorite with leading companies and pro sports franchises. The Stanley Cup-winning Capitals, Olympic Gold Medal Team Canada, IBM, Kraft, NFL and The Wall Street Journal have learned from his stories of perseverance, leadership and teambuilding.

With boundless energy, gritty humor and palpable passion, Clarke inspires audiences by channeling the lessons of unforgiving wild places to illuminate the challenges organizations and people face every day. Jamie offers deep insight and actionable strategy for success in business, academia — or the most dynamic environment of all: everyday life.

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