High Energy Storytelling For Success

“What Jamie Clarke learned on Everest helped the Caps win on the ice."

 — Stanley Cup-winning Coach Barry Trot


From locker rooms to boardrooms, Jamie Clarke knows teams — what makes them and what breaks them. His storytelling skills will take you inside the high-pressure situations that help us understand how risk, fear and miscommunication can get in the way of achievement.

Audience Impact

“Wow! Wow! Wow! Jamie Clarke was fabulous, and I’ve already heard multiple comments from attendees that they thought he was the best conference speaker they had ever heard. His mix of wit, mountaineering information and motivation was spot-on, and his pacing was terrific. And he threw in some really great corporate-related quips or serious references.”

Lyra Ward Hankins

Director, Marketing Communications, Ventyx

“Another home run for Jamie Clarke! He blew it out of the water and brought our people to their feet! Great content, great execution, great guy!”

Koleen M. Roach

Director, Meetings & Conference Management, Securian Financial Group

“Jamie was great as always. He took some extra time on his arrival day to meet the President of the Company, Mike Cola, which was extremely appreciated. His presentation was extremely well received and fit in perfectly with the messaging of the meeting. Jamie took some notes during the executive presentations that preceded him and incorporated them perfectly into his talk. “

Mark Sacco

Shire Pharmaceuticals

“The CEO and several other execs were so taken with Jamie – “the best speaker I have ever heard in my life!” – that they were ready to hire him and build the meeting around him.”

Bruce Clark

Miracle-Ear Franchisees

“Jamie Clarke was, as always, at the top of his game. The employees were ecstatic, and rave reviews started immediately following his presentation. I actually hesitate to refer to what Jamie does as a “presentation.” He is an authentic storyteller, true stories told from the heart based on real life experiences. And, as always, a kind, thoughtful, and generous ‘partner’ to work with.”

Kris Horstman

Director, Meeting & Event Services, Allianz Life

“Your talk was the highlight of our three days together. You gave them hope; hope that they could make a difference, hope that they could tame the administrative beast that eats up their time on a daily basis and hope that they too could scale the highest peaks — albeit the ones within our own company.”

Barbara Janczunski

Divisional Vice President – Field Service, East Hill-Rom

“Your presentation was absolutely spectacular! You tell a wonderful story with great passion, humor and a sincere humility. The parallels you were able to draw between your experiences and the challenges people in the audience face in both their personal and professional lives really hit home. I have been in this business a long time and that is the first standing ovation I have ever witnessed at a customer event.”

Jim Sweeney

Distributed Systems Services, Inc.

“I have to tell you that Jamie Clarke is the most amazing speaker!! My executives already want to book him for next year. Our event producer told me that Jamie is the best speaker he has heard.”

Heather Brooks

Events Manager, Synergy Worldwide

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