I have to tell you that Jamie Clarke is the most amazing speaker!! My executives already want to book him for next year. Our event producer told me that Jamie is the best speaker he has heard.


Heather Brooks

Events Manager, Synergy Worldwide

Leading in the Hard Times

Keynote Stories


Inspiration literally means ‘breath’ — and Jamie Clarke knows how precious it is to have enough air in his lungs at 29,000 feet. But he also knows that without inspiration, you won’t even get to basecamp. What is this mysterious substance? Where does motivation come from and where does it go?

By cherishing life as an adventure — outcome unknown — Jamie helps us to embrace the abundance of our imagination and the overlooked sources of inspiration around every corner.


Modern life is all about pressure: at home and at work. Those feelings of stress are real — just like standing on the edge of a crevasse on a high mountain. Jamie Clarke takes you to the edge of human experience — so that you can look deep down into your own anxieties. 

Together, you’ll climb to higher ground with a renewed appreciation for your own reserves of grit — and for the support of those around you.


How do you lead a team to the top when you’re not always winning? Jamie Clarke draws on his life of adventure to explore the most difficult terrain of all: our hearts and minds. Being a leader is recognizing the space between bravery and courage, the path from kindness to empathy — and the power of optimism.

Jamie helps his audience to recognize that we don’t need the title of leader to lead. Together, we explore how developing character allows us all to perform under pressure .

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